Little Mac Boxing

Get Professional Training from a Pro

Little Mac Boxing Gym is not just another cookie cutout boxing gym that we have been seeing pop up throughout the last few decades. This is an authentic boxing experience. The moment you enter Little Mac Boxing facility you will feel like you walked onto the set of a Rocky movie. Vintage fight posters adorn the walls aswell as top notch classic boxing equipment. Former professional boxing champion & North Bergen,NJ native Danny "Little Mac" McDermott wanted to provide his clients with an authentic experience into the REAL world of boxing training.This isnt your typical posh spa type gym. When you are in a Little Mac Boxing gym you are there to sweat and learn the sweet science of boxing in a no frills rough and tough environment. Whether it is our classes or our personal training packages, Little Mac Boxing will satisfy your expectations. If you are use to being pampered, Little Mac Boxing is not for you. If you are looking for a hard core, in your face workout that has proven results than Little Mac Boxing is for you!

Danny "Little Mac" McDermott


Learn the Art of the Sweet Science

Learn the how to box like a professional. At Little Mac Boxing we pride ourselves on learning the fundamentals of boxing and give you a workout to get you in shape fast.